We have a fully equipped workshop for cutting and processing marble and stone of all kinds, with many years of experience and important works carried out all over the world.

Stone & Marble

Trucchi selects the very best materials for its customers directly at the quarry. This guarantees the best quality of the raw product.
Straight from the quarry, the materials, originally in blocks, are cut into slabs or thicknesses depending on the specific type of processing required.

In-store creations

You will find a selection of slabs in store, and discover the ability of our marble workers to transform a cold slab of marble into a staircase, a kitchen top, or a sink top for your home.

From design to realisation

The hands of skilled marble craftspeople, with the aid of the most modern equipment, transform the raw material into the finished one, based on the customer or designer’s imagination, with utmost attention to detail and finishes.